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What is breast cancer

Breast cancer starts as a small abnormal cell/ genetic mutation in the breast.  Over time the cell starts to grow and increase in number and size.  This is called “proliferation”.

All these abnormal cells grow together to form a growth or mass, called a “tumour”.

Most breast cancers are felt during self examination as a hard lump, or change in the texture of the breast.

What is breast cancer

There are many ways that breast cancer can be felt in the breast.

The most common is feeling a hard lump in the breast.  These lumps are very seldom associated with pain.

Sometimes symptoms are very subtle and are visible when you look in the mirror.

There may be a change of skin colour or texture( feels warm, uneven).

With a mammogram, the doctor can pick cancer up even before you can feel a lump (non palpable stage). 

That is why it is so important to have annual breast checks done.

What are my risk factors?

This risk factor chart can help you assess your risk factors.  In South Africa the biggest risk factor remains age and gender.  All women, regardless of a family history of breast cancer or not, are at risk.

The older a person gets, the bigger your risk for developing breast cancer becomes.

If your mother, grandmother or aunts all had breast cancer at a young age of below 50 years, you should speak to your Dr to have earlier breast screening done from age 35-40 years.

There are many public hospitals which provide the best breast care in the country.

Find all the details here:



Helen Joseph Breast Care Clinic

Perth Road
011 489 0130


Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital

Old Potch Road
011 933 8000


Charlotte Maxeke JHB Academic Hospital

Out Patients – Breast Clinic
Jubilee Road, Parktown, Johannesburg
011 488 4570


Steve Biko Academic Hospital

Out Patients – Breast Clinic
c/o Steve Biko and Malan St
Capital Park
012 354 1645



Addington Hospital

Out Patients – Breast Clinic
16 Erskine Road
South Beach
031 327 2000

Western Cape


Groote Schuur Hospital

Out Patients – Breast Clinic
Main Road, Observatory
Cape Town
021 404 5506


Tygerberg Hospital

Out Patients – Breast Clinic
Fransie van Zyl Ave
Cape Town
021 404 5506

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